Being an Alumni of 2013 Berlin Talent Campus from Turkiye, Stare has a BA in American Culture andLiteratureand has a post-grad degree in film and tv at UC Los Angeles. She worked as a freelance filmmaker and for temp positions at Buena Vista Home and International Distribution in USA. She continued her career as President of Production and Local Acquisitions at Medyavizyon Film Distribution in Turkey (2006-2009) she was chosen as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons of Turkey by JCI. In 2010, she represented Turkish Ministry of Culture in INDIA. In 2012 November, Stare made a short film in English with her neighbor who doesn’t speak a word of English. The same film is made into a feature film called “50 kisses,” which brought her the Best Director award in 2014 amongst the other 24 directors in the same project. She has been an animals rights advocate and a “singer among friends” since she was a little kid.



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